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2DIN DVD-Receiver with USB interface & Bluetooth built-in

  • Made for iPod & iPhone *
  • OEM Wired Remote Control ready

Key Features

6.98 inch wide VGA monitor
Playback of audio/video files from SD card
Built-in bluetooth module
iPod direct control ready
5.1 channel decoder built-in
2 USB interfaces
Multi-language text
variable key illumination
RGB-input for optional touchscreen navigation system KNA-G421
Remote controller included

General Features

Disabled System Indicator (DSI)Yes
Security Code Function ( user set)Yes, set by user
On Screen Display (OSD) OperationYes
Smooth GUIYes
Selectable GUI Background WallpaperYes
Key IlluminationVariable color
Installer MemoryYes
Back-up MemoryYes
Attenuator with Smooth Volume ReturnYes
Touch Sensor ToneYes
IR Remote Control includedRC-DV330
Digital Clock (24H)Yes
ISO connectorYes
Bluetooth unit built-in (powerd by Parrot)Yes
Optional navigation system unitYes, KNA-G421V

Monitor Features

Screen Type6.98" VGA
Display Mode4 Mode (Full/Just/Zoom/Normal)
Screen AdjustmentsBrightness/Tint/Colour/Contrast/Black Level/Sharpness/Dimmer
Dimmer functionON/OFF/Sync
Visual Source ModeDisc/Ipod/USB/TV/Video1/Video2/AUX
Touch Panel
Mechanism Angle Adjustment5 Steps + Flat + Reverse Tilt
Reverse TiltYes
NTSC/PAL judgeAuto

Multimedia GUI Features

OSDC TypeFull Graphics
Menu text► English
► French
► German
► Italian
► Spanish
► Portuguese
► Dutch
► Greek
► Turkish
► Russian
► Arabic
► Chinese
► Hebrew
► Persian
► Thai
Skin ChangeYes, 3D, Fire or Metal
Colour Pallet256
Base Colour Class65000
Demonstration ModeYes
Background Customize


Disc Capacity1 Disc(s)
DVD Region Code2
VCD CompatibleYes
DVD±R/RW CompatibleYes
CD-R/RW CompatibleYes
CD-DA Repeat/Scan/Random playYes
CD Text
MPEG1/2 Video File (.mpg) CompatibleYes
JPEG File (.jpg) CompatibleYes
DivX (Certified)Yes
Picture Control (JPEG)Yes
JPEG slide showYes
Zoom Control (DVD/VCD)Yes
Digital/Analog Converter24 bit
Time Code DisplayYes
Direct SearchYes
Resume Play / Last Position MemoryYes
Disc Menu Direct TouchYes
dts Digital OutputNo

USB Features

USB terminalYes, 2x
USB TypeUSB1.1 / USB 2.0
MP3 playback with ID3 Tag DisplayYes
WMA (Windows Media File) playbackYes
AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) playbackYes
WAV (Waveform Audio Format) playbackYes
MPEG1 Video decoderYes
MPEG2 Video DecoderYes
DivX Video DecoderYes

SD-card Features

SD card type:
Music playbackYes
MP3 audio filesYes
WMA audio filesYes
AAC audio filesYes
WAV audio filesYes
Movie filesYes
MPEG1 video filesYes
MPEG2 video filesYes
DivX video filesYes
JPG image filesYes
JPG slide showYes
Repeat play
Scan playYes
Random play
Category searchYes
Alfabetical searchYes
Time code displayYes
Direct searchYes
Resume playYes
Zoom controlYes

iPod Features

Made for iPod & iPhone *Yes
USB AV Direct Control (3 wire, 30-pin connector)with optional KCA-iP301V
Music playbackYes
Video playbackYes
Album art supportYes
Music library searchYes
Alphabet searchYes
Skip searchYes
Control by handYes
Works with iPod Classic *
Works with iPod Video *5th/6th generation
Works with iPod Touch *1st/2nd Gen
Works with iPod Nano *1st/2nd/3rd/4th Gen
Works with iPhone *iPhone, iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS
Battery charge + power controlYes
* Always update to latest Apple firmware

Audio features

Max. Output Power (MOSFET Power IC)4 x 50W
Pre-out4RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer/Center
RCA Gold PlatedYes
Pre-out Output Level5V
Subwoofer Reference Level Adj.Yes
Dual Zone/2Zone Source & Volume ControlYes
Dual Zone (FRONT / REAR Switchable)Yes
Source Tone Control & MemoryBy Equalizer
Balance/Fader ControlYes
Att.(-20dB) with smooth Volume ReturnYes
Beep On/OffYes

Multimedia DSP Features

DSP ChipFreescale
Position ControlYes
Position Preset3 Presets
Position Cabin SizeYes, ► Off
► Compact car
► Sedan
► Station car
► Minivan
► Sport-utility vehicle (SUV)
► Passenger van
Graphic equalizerYes
Graphic Equalizer13 bands
G-EQ KBSYes, ► Natural
► User
► Rock
► Pops
► Easy
► Top 40
► Jazz
► Game
► iPod (during iPod source only)
G-EQ manual settingYes
G-EQ f0 QtyYes, 4
G-EQ adjustable levelYes, -9dB / +9dB
DRC (Only On Dolby Digital)3 (Wide/Normal/Midnight)
High Pass Filter (HPF)Yes (Center)
HPF Cut Off Frequency7
HPF Cut Slope Level3
Low Pass Filter (LPF)Yes (Non-Fading)
LPF Cut Off Frequency8
LPF Cut Slope Level3
Source DSP MemoryYes
SRS WOWYes, ► Off
► Low
► Middle
► High
► User (Trubass/Focus/SRS 3D)
WOW TrueBassYes
Dolby PrologicIIYes
Dolby Digital DecodeYes
dts decodeYes
Down Mix ControlYes
Channel Level ControlYes
Speaker Size & Location ControlYes
X'over network► Front & rear high-pass filter frequency
► Front & rear high-pass slope
► Subwoofer low-pass filter
► Subwoofer phase 0°/180°

Video Features

Audio/Video Output1 RCA
Audio/Video InputYes, 2x
iPod AV input switchable to additional AV inputYes
Video-In for Rear-view Camera1 dedicated video input (RCA)
Mirror-mode on Rear-view ImageYes
Detection Mode Rear View CameraReverse sensor wire
DVD Menu Direct Touch OperationYes
Dolby Digital DecoderYes
Dolby Pro Logic II decoderYes
MPEG DecoderYes
Linear PCM DecoderYes
SRS Circle Surround Automotive DecoderYes
TV readyYes


External Media Control BUS (KAB)Yes
USB interface2x
SD card slotYes
OEM Wired Remote Control readyYes
Parking sensor (handbrake) wireYes
Power Control (P.CON) wireYes
External Relay ControlYes, 2x
2-way (Tel/Navi) mute wireYes
Dimmer control wireYes
Reverse sensor wireYes
TV Tuner ControlYes
Navigation RGB terminalYes

Bluetooth General Features

Hands Free Profile (HPF)
Audio Streaming (A2DP)Yes
Serial Port Profile (SPP)Yes
Headset Profile (HSP)Yes
Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP)Yes
Object Push Profile (OPP)Yes
Synchronization Profile (SYNC)Yes
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)Yes
Short Message Service (SMS)Yes
Phone numbers hold:up to 1000 per registed cell-phone.
Voice RecognitionYes
Phone device status displayYes
Audio device status displayYes
Signal strength displayYes
Remaining battery displayYes
Bluetooth phones to register5
High-quality noise canceling microphoneexternal microphone
Bluetooth firmware upgradeableYes
* depends on phone model/make

Tuner Specifications

FM Frequency range (50kHz step)87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
FM Usable Sensitivity0.7μV/75ohm (S/N 26dBf)
FM Quieting Sensitivity1.6μV/75ohm (S/N 46dBf)
FM Frequency Response30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3dB)
FM Selectivity(DIN)over 80dB (±400kHz)
FM Stereo Separation (1kHz)35dB
MW Frequency Range531kHz ~ 1611kHz (9kHz step)
MW Frequency step9kHz
LW Frequency Range153kHz ~ 281kHz (9kHz step)

DVD Specifications

D/A Converter24 bit
Video decoderMPEG1/MPEG2/DivX
Audio decoderLinear PCM/Dolby Digital/dts/MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV
Wow & FlutterBelow Measurable Limit
Freq. Resp. (96kHz Sampling)20Hz ~ 22kHz
Freq. Resp. (48kHz Sampling)20Hz ~ 22kHz
Freq. Resp. (44,1kHz Sampling)20Hz ~ 20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion0.008% (1kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio98dB (1kHz)
Dynamic Range98dB
Disc FormatDVD-Video/Video-CD/CD-DA
Sample Frequency44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz
Quantifying bit number16/20/24bit

USB Specifications

USB Version compatibility1.1 / 2.0
File SystemFAT 16/32
Maximum Supply current500mA
D/A Converter24 bit
MP3 DecodeCompliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
WMA DecodeCompliant with Windows Media Audio
AAC DecodeAAC-LC "m4a" Files
WAV DecodeLinear - PCM Files
Acceptable video filesMPEG1, MPEG2, DivX
Acceptable video files extentionsmpg, mpeg, m1v, m2v, divx, div, avi

SD-card specs

Compatible SD cards► SD card
► SDHC card
► miniSD card
► miniSDHD card
► microSD card
► microSDHD card
File systemFAT 12/16/32
Capacity8 MByte - 32 Gbyte

Audio Specifications

Maximum Power50W x 4
Output Power (DIN45324,+B=14.4v)30W x 4
Preout Level5mV / 10kOhm,
Preout Impedance≤ 80Ohm
Speaker Impedance4Ohm ~ 8Ohm

DSP Specifications

Frequency band - Front62.5Hz ~ 16kHz
Frequency band - Center62.5Hz ~ 16kHz
Frequency band - Rear62.5Hz ~ 16kHz
Equalizer Gain–9db ~ +9db
High Pass Filter frequencyThrough/30 ~ 250 (Hz)
High Pass Filter Slope-6/-12/-18/-24 dB/Oct
Low Pass Filter frequency30 ~ 250(Hz)/Through
Low Pass Filter Slope-6/-12/-18/-24 dB/Oct
Time alignment - Front0 ~ 6.1m (2cm step)
Time alignment - Center0 ~ 3.4m (2cm step)
Time alignment - Rear0 ~ 6.1m (2cm step)
Time alignment - Sub0 ~ 6.1m (2cm step)
Channel Level±10dB
Frequency band13 bands

Video Specifications

Color System of External Video InputNTSC/PAL
External Video Input Level (RCA)1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
External Audio Max. Input Level (RCA)2 V / 25 kOhm
Analog RGB Input0.7 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Video Output Level (RCA)1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Audio Output Level (RCA)1.2 Vpp / 10 kOhm

Monitor Specifications

Screen size (Diagonal)6.98 Inches Wide
Screen Size (WxH)157.2 x 82.3mm
Display systemTransparent TN LCD Panel
Drive systemTFT Active Matrix System
Number of Pixels1152000pixels (800(H) x 480(V) x RGB)
Effective pixels99.99%
Pixel arrangementRGB Striped
Back lightingCold Cathode Fluorescent Tube

Bluetooth specifications

Technologybluetooth 1.2 certified
Frequency2.402 - 2.48 GHz
Output power+4dBm(max), 0dBm (AVE) power class 2
Maximum rangeLine of sight approx. 10 meter
Handsfree profile (HFP)Yes
Serial port profile (SPP)Yes
Service discovery protocol (SDP)Yes
Headset profile (HSP)Yes
Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)Yes
Audio/Video remote control profile (AVRCP)Yes
Object push profile (OPP)Yes
Message access profile (MAP)Yes
Generic access profile (GAP)Yes
Phonebook access profile (PBAP)Yes
Synchronization profile (SYNC)Yes


Remote controlRC-DV330
Wired IR remote sensor0 m
Battery includedYes, 2 x AAA
Release keys2 pieces
Installation SleeveYes
DC cord30 cm
Relay control Cord2 wires, 50 cm
Handsfree Microphonewith 200 m cable

General Specifications

Operating voltage14.4V (10.5 ~ 16V Allowable)
Maximum Current Consumption15A
Dimensions (WxHxD)182 x 112 x 163mm
Weight2.55 gr.
Operation Temperature Range-10°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature Range-20°C ~ 85°C
Instruction ManualsENG/FRE/GER/DUT/ITA/SPA/POR
Maximum current Relay control wire(s)500 mA