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300mm Subwoofer with Titanium Coated Cone

  • Dual Voice Coil System

Key Features

Oversized 300mm Titanium Coated Cone Woofer
1-Piece Cast Aluminum Basket
1500W Peak Input Power
Dual Magnet Drive / Dual Voice Coil
Easy Connection Rolet Terminal (Series/Parallel/Bi-amp)

Speaker Features

Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Peak Input Power1500W
Rated Input Power760W
Speaker Size300mm
Speaker Cone DesignDeep Cone
Magnet TypeFerrit
Dual Voice Coil SystemYes, Dual
TerminalsGold-Plated Screw Lock
Terminals Gold platedYes
Magnet CoverRubber
Gasket Installationtwo-sided
Installation CapabillitySealed/ Ported / Free-air

Speaker/woofer Specifications

Peak Input Power1500W
Maximum Input Power760W
Rated Input Power380W
Woofer Cone materialTitanium Coated
Speaker BasketAluminum Die-Cast
Speaker SurroundRubber
Spider Type
Frequency Response25Hz ~ 800Hz
Subwoofer Impedance4Ω x 2
Dimensions (W x H x D)324 x 324 x 194.5mm
Mounting Depth172mm
Mouting Hole Diameter282mm x 0mm
Speaker Weight5980gr
Gross Weight7200gr
Weight of Magnet1200gr

Subwoofer Parameters

Nominal impedance (Z)4Ω 4Ω
DC resistance (Re)3.25Ω 3.25Ω
Resonant frequency (FSO)38.9Hz
Mechanical Q factor (QMS)3.68
Electrical Q factor (QES)0.36
Total Q factor (QTS)0.32
Voice coil inductance (LBM)4.09mH
Voice coil diameter (d)65mm
Force factor (BL)18.55T/m
Peak excursion Xmax14mm
Moving mass (MMS)161gr.
Volume accoustic compliance (VAS)35.43liter
Piston Area (SD)0.05m²
Sealed box volume33.96liter
Sealed Box Dimensions375 x 362 x 360mm ( 21mm thick MDF)(WxHxD)
Vented box volume50.94liter
Vented Box Dimensions460 x 410 x 357mm ( 21mm thick MDF)(WxHxD)
Vented box port diameter/lengthØ 89mm / 152mm


4x45mm Screw: 8 pieces
Spacer (1200mm)
short Cord (Red/Black): 1 set

Cross-over Network Specifications

Gross Weight7200gr.