United Kingdom



Five channel digital power amplifier

  • Class D Amplifier
  • Full Range Digital Amplifier
  • CEA-2006 Compliant
  • Low-pass Filter
  • High-pass Fliter

Key Features

4 + 1 channel digital power amplifier
Dedicated subwoofer channel
Full contact hexagon screw-type terminals
2 ohms load capability
Dual power supply
Power MOS-FET switching power supply
Extruded aluminum heat sink design
Removable top plate
built-in high & low pass filter

Amplifier Features

Class D AmplifierYes
Full Range Digital AmplifierYes
Load Capability2Ω Stable
Maximum power output1200W
Rated power output (4Ω)80W x 4 (4Ω)
Rated Subwoofer power output (4Ω)350W x 1
Rated power output80W x 4 (2Ω)
Rated Subwoofer power output (2Ω)350W x 1
Bridged power output (4Ω)160W x 2
CEA-2006 CompliantYes
Low-pass FilterYes
High-pass FliterYes
Dual Sigma DriveYes
Switched Mode Power supplyYes, with Power MOS-FET
Dual Power SupplyYes
Blue IlluminationYes
Protection functionYes
Line in6 channel RCA (Gold Plated)
Single Side TerminalsYes
Full Contact TerminalYes
Gold Plated Power & Speaker TerminalsYes
ChassisExtruded aluminum het sink design
Removable CoverplateYes


Maximum power output (4Ω)150W x 4
Maximum subwoofer power output600 W x 1
Rated power output (4Ω, 14,4V)80W x 4 (20Hz ~ 20000Hz, 1%THD)
Rated subwoofer power output (4Ω, 14,4V)350 W (20Hz - 200Hz, 1% THD)
Rated power output (2Ω, 14,4V)80W x 4 (1000Hz, 1%THD)
Rated subwoofer power output (2Ω, 14,4V)350W (100Hz, 1% THD)
Rated power output (4Ω, 14,4V)160W x 2 (1000Hz, 1%THD)
Rated power output (CEA-2006)80Watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms and 1% THD
Rated subwoofer power output (CEA-2006)350W
Low-pass Filter50~200Hz (-12dB/oct)
Low-pass filter (sub channel)50Hz - 200Hz (24dB/oct)
High-pass Fliter50~200Hz (12dB/oct)
RCA Input Sensitivity0.2 ~ 5V
Input Impedance10kΩ
Signal to Noise Ratio92dB
Signal to noise ratio (Sub channel)102 dB
Signal to noise ratio (CEA-2006)80dBa (Reference: 1 Watt into 4 Ohms)
Frequency response (+0dB, -1dB)20Hz ~ 20000Hz
Freq. resp. (+0dB, -3dB) (SUB)20Hz ~ 200Hz
Operating voltage14.4V (11V ~ 16V allowable)
Maximum current consumption60A
Dimensions (WxHxD)235 x 55 x 192(mm),