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  • DNX450TR
  • DNX450TR

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6.1" WVGA DVD-Receiver with built-in Truck/Camper Navigation System, Bluetooth & DAB tuner


  • Navigation unit built-in
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • DAB+ tuner built-in
  • Made for iPod & iPhone *
  • Touch Panel
  • OEM Wired Remote Control ready
  • Variable Colour illumination
  • Map care
  • Equalizer
  • Digital Sound Processor (DSP)
  • Top Menu Customize
  • High Resolution VGA Display


Fed up of getting your vehicle stuck in tight corners?

Kenwood’s new DNX450TR Multimedia system includes Garmin’s truck navigation. When installing this system an easy customisable set-up menu will allow you to enter the height, width, weight and number of axles on your vehicle. Once the system has this information it will select suitably safe journey directions. Also screen warnings will appear to give large vehicle hazard alerts in grey, amber and red depending on the severity.


Key Features

- 6" High resolution touch control display
- Garmin European navigation
- Built-in TMC (traffic avoidance)
- Millions of built-in POI's & Customisable POI's
- Truck Height Limit, Weight Limit, Width Limit
  restrictions, cautions and advisory messages
- Built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling (HFP)
- Bluetooth Music streaming (A2DP)
- Smartphone voice calling recognition control

- DAB/DAB+ tuner built-in
- FM/LW/MW radio receiver
- iPod/iPhone audio/video playback and charging
- USB device playback
- CD/DVD/MP3/WMA/AAC playback
- Variable colour illumination to match dashboard ighting
- Reversing camera option





6" High Resolution Touch Screen Control

Thanks to the 6” wide high-resolution display, the keys, icons, navigation map and DVD images appear much clearer and sharper

DNX450TR 6" Touch Screen




European Navigation

DNX450TR Navigation

Just press the “Where To?” key to begin searching for your destination and then choose from six different search modes:

- Address (including 7 digit Postcode search)
- Go Home
- Favourites (your favourite stored locations)
- Points of Interest POI's
- Recently Found (up to 50 previously searched locations)
- Height limit, weight limit, width limit restrictions, cautions and   advisory messages

TTS function reads out not only directions, but also the street names during voice guidance when making a turn. This function is compatible with 9 Languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


Advisory Messages

Split screen junction view with photo real quality (where available), so that the driver can see "Route & Junction View" at the same time for additional assistance.

Truck Advisory Messages


POI's (Points of Interest)

Over 2 million POIs are installed as standard in the navigation. These cover; Motorway Services, ATMs/Banks, Food/Restaurants, Superstores, Sports Venues, Hotels, Petrol Station and much more. Customised POIs can be added at your discretion including Safety Camera Database.




Safety Camera Database

Safety Camera Database DNX525DAB

You can add a safety camera database to the system. Download the PDF here for details of how and what you need to do.

NB: These instructions suggest the use of third party software and database. JVCKENWOOD U.K. Ltd does not support, or accept liability for, this software.

This database is provided by Pocket GPS World which requires a yearly subscription fee and updates are available approximately every month.

In some countries the use of safety camera’s are prohibited please check the legality of using any safety camera database in each country beforehand.



Lane Assist & Photo Real Junction View

Navigation Lane Assist & Photo Real Junction View

The Lane Assist feature guides you to the correct lane when approaching junctions. For additional assistance, the DNX450TR system has split screen Photo Real Junction View so that the driver can see “Route & Junction View” at the same time.




DAB - Digital Radio There's a Station to Suit Every Taste

DAB offers playback of hundreds of radio stations at the touch of a button. At last there is a station for all tastes --Sport -Jazz --rock even if you’re a child of the 60/70/80ties there is a home for you ! The easy-search system makes finding the right station quick, and once tuned in the latest technology means that listening to digital radio on the move is free of annoying breaks and distortion.

With this system you can get your favourite FM/AM stations on digital, as well as lots of digital-only stations. Digital radio has something for everyone.

DAB Search DNX450TR

Search for a DAB Station

Kenwood have included an easy ABC service search which has swipe graphic control. This list is automatically populated at first unit power on.

There is a list refresh button for when you venture out of your home service area and want to refresh this listing.


DAB Screen DNX450TR

Following a station selection you can choose to return to the main station display screen with full information read-out.

Digital Radio Features:

•  15 presets (5 Ch x 3 band)
•  Alphabet station search
•  DAB – DAB+ / DAB - FM auto switch
•  DLS (Dynamic Label) - Scrolling station info
•  PTY Search - Search by type News, Sports etc

The system also has FM/LW/MW for those stations which are not available yet via Digital Radio.



Bluetooth Hands-free Calling

Equipped with built-in Bluetooth capability to enable hands-free mobile phone operation so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel where they belong and concentrate on the road ahead.

DNX450TR Telephone display



Bluetooth Kit Phonebook


Your phonebook list is displayed for selection and previous call logs can also be used. Whilst on the move you can select one of the preset telephone numbers for quick dial or use the phonebook feature. Incoming caller number or name is also displayed before you allow connection or set the unit to automatically connect after a few rings.




    -  Voice dialing using the smartphones feature

    -  Bluetooth music streaming

    -  Automatic incoming call answering function

    -  Making calls from phonebook.

    -  Making calls from incoming/outgoing call history

    -  Direct dial function / Private talk function


-  Call interrupt indication

-  Remaining battery indication

-  Phone registration (Up to 5 phones)

-  Phone selection / Phonebook download from phone

-  Audio control from remote

-  Supplied with microphone (3M long)


Voice Dialing


The DNX450TR will allow the voice dialing feature found on most smartphones to work through Bluetooth.

This features depends on the capabilities of your particular smartphone.

Bluetooth Kit Voice Dialing



Music Streaming

Easily stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth devices directly to the DNX450TR. Functions such as track name display and track back and forwards are also available.

Bluetooth Kit Music Streaming




iPod/iPhone Playback

Searching for music or a movie title is easy via the touch panel. In addition to conventional searches for playlists, artists, albums and genres, additional search commands can also be performed for music videos, TV shows, movies, video playlists, etc.

NB: Video playback is only available when the handbrake is applied. When using iPhone5 and upwards due to the phones capabilities it is not possible to playback videos.

Optional iPod/iPhone lead required via your vehicle retailer.

iPod iPhone music playback



USB Music Connection

Portable memory devices make it possible to create and store compilations of your favourite music and bring them into the car for easy connection and playback via the USB (Universal Serial Bus).

Searching for a track, album, artist or playlist is possible by using the category list function.

Compatible File Formats:

USB music connection