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4K DashCam with built-in Wireless LAN & GPS


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601 Pro Bundle Dash Cam, KCA-R200 Rear Camera, CA-DR1030 Hardwire Kit, 128GB SD-Card, Hard Shell Case
Includes: 64GB micro SD card & hardwire kit for permanent power and activates smart parking mode


DRV-A601W dash cam & KCA-R200 rear view camera bundle


DRV-A601W dash cam



  • Wireless LAN & App Link
  • Front & Rear 2 Camera Recording
  • HDR record enhancement
  • G-Sensor Built-in
  • Built-in GPS Receiver
  • Magnetic quick release mount
  • LCD screen


DRV-A601W - Ultra HD 4K Dash Cam with Built-in Wireless LAN - Optional Rear View Dash Cam KCA-R200 and Smart Parking Mode when Fitted with Hardwire Kit CA-DR1030


DRV-A601W dash cam icons



DRV-A601W - 4K Ultra HD Recording

DRV-A601W dash cam 4K Ultra HD recordings

The DRV-A601W supports 4K Ultra HD recording (8.3M: 3840 x 2160), which is 4 times the resolution of Full HD (2.0M: 1920 x 1080). It clearly reproduces the part invisible in Full HD video such as license plates. * By connecting the optional rear camera (KCA-R200) it is possible to record front and rear directions simultaneously.

DRV-A601W 4K ultra HD dash cam


Wireless Smartphone Link

DRV-A601W dash cam wireless link

The KENWOOD DASH CAM MANAGER app allows you to easily change the menu settings of your dash cam and browse through recorded videos as well as real-time live view from your smartphone in an intuitive way. By downloading the video / photo files into your smartphone, you can even review them while routing on Google Maps™ with the GPS information such as speed, G-sensor and distance, and edit the videos to share them on social media. Download the app from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android™) on your smartphone.


DRV-A601W smartphone app

DRV-A601W dash cam wireless smartphone link

DRV-A601W social media app

The desktop software “KENWOOD VIDEO PLAYER” is available for displaying video recorded with the device. You can also play back, edit and share the videos on your PC. Download the installer from https://www.kenwood.com/cs/ce/, and install the software according to the on-screen instructions.



HDR (High Dynamic Range)- Reducing “ Blown out Highlights” and “Crushed Blacks”

HDR helps to reduce “blown out highlights” and “crushed blacks” and ensure clear images in challenging environments, including backlit scenes in daylight, streetlight scenes at night and places where light-dark contrast is particularly severe, such as at tunnel entrances/exits.

DRV-A601W HDR dash cam

DRV-A601W HDR reduces blown out highlights



Polariser Filter — Reduces Front Windscreen Reflection

DRV-A601W polarised filter logo

The DRV-A601W includes a Polariser Filter. This reduces such things as dashboard reflection on the windscreen, which may appear in certain positions or due to weather conditions, and helps to lessen glare on sunny days, making it possible to record clear outside images.

DRV-A601W polarised filter



Quick Release Magnetic Mount

The patent-designed magnetic mount, unlike the traditional mounts which use a latching mechanism, allows you to place and remove the device simply and instantly. No cable to connect or disconnect from the dash cam.

DRV-A601W dash cam quick release icon

DRV-A601W quick release magnetic mount



2 Ways to Mount

A suction-cup and an adhesive mount are included in the package. The suction mount makes it easier to attach and detach from the windshield while the adhesive mount provides more solid support for the camera.


DRV-A601W suction or adhesive mount



3-axis G Sensor & GPS Receiver

DRV-A601W g-sensor and gps logos

The built-in 3-axis G Sensor with adjustable sensitivity detects an outside force, forcing the device to save what has just been recorded. In addition, the GPS Receiver allows your videos to add location and speed data.

DRV-A601W g-sensor and gps



Optional KCA-R200 - Wide Quad HD 1440p Recording Rear View Dash Cam

Compatible with the DRV-A601W this rear view dash cam has a adjustable 180° vertical rotational lens and horizontal viewing angle 161°. Giving you flexibility and provides a proper view for various angles of the rear window. Included 8m mini USB cable. More information click here KCA-R200.

KCA-R200 rear view dash cam DRV-A601W

Watch the video clip below to see the front and rear dash cam recordings




Optional CA-DR1030 - Hardwire Kit for Smart Parking Mode

The 4m long cable can help you to easily tuck and hide the car power cable into the headliner.

When your vehicle is parked and turned off, the Smart Parking Mode becomes active. If your vehicle is subject to a collision or other physical impacts, your dash cam powers on thanks to the built-in G-Sensor and automatically records 30 seconds of video. The hardwire kit CA-DR1030 (optional accessory) is required for permanent power.


CD-DR1030 smart parking mode