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  • DRV-830
  • DRV-830
  • DRV-830
  • DRV-830
  • DRV-830
  • DRV-830

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Compact, Wide Quad HD, GPS integrated, stand-alone drive recorder.

  • LCD screen
  • G-Sensor Built-in
  • HDR record enhancement
  • Built-in GPS Receiver
  • Parking surveillance mode
  • Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS)



The DRV-830 Kenwood’s Ultimate dash cam package. Combining an ultra-high-quality camera with high dynamic range technology to deliver exceptional video footage even under difficult lighting conditions. Add to this class leading video storage capacity (Up to 50 hours in HD mode), meaning “near miss” incidents are not over written by the continuous record loop before they can be manually saved after a journey. This record capacity is possible due to the inclusion of 2 x SDHC / SDXC cards slots*, allowing a total storage of up to 256GB compared to the more normal 32GB!

A built-in 3 Axis G-Force Sensor automatically triggers the storage of vehicle impact footage, while a GPS sensor captures the speed and position data at the same time.

For driver safety, selectable built-in warning alerts (ADAS), help protect against Forward Collision, Lane Departure and Queue Drive Off Delay.

As vehicle damage often happens while left in carparks, Kenwood have included an automatic parking surveillance mode (CA-DR100 hardwired fitting kit required), which uses collision sensors, to capture the possible cause of a mysterious dent. Video footage can be viewed on the internal full colour display or on desk / laptop, via Kenwood’s free PC / MAC software (Drive Reviewer).




Key Features

3.0inch full colour wide screen TFT LCD display
3.7M Pixels resolution (Wide Quad-HD)
High Definition Plus recordings, resolution 2560 x 1440
Default frame rate 27fps (Selectable recording frame rate)
144 degree ultra-wide viewing angle
Auto recording while driving
Auto incident record and store
2 x SDXC / SDHC micro card slots (8GB-128GB)*
Long record capacity or split drive / incident SD-card record mode
Parking surveillance mode with optional Halfords weFit hardwired kit (CA-DR100)
HDR record enhancement (Bright / Dark lighting conditions)
Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)
Lane Departure / Front Collision Incident / Queue Drive Off Delay warnings
Inbuilt GPS antenna for constant position and speed data
3 Axis G-Force detections
Manual emergency record key
Audio record option
PC / Mac video replay using Kenwood’s Driver Reviewer software, including position / G-force and speed data read-out
Size: 87mm x 55mm x 35mm (W X H D)
Weight: 120g
Cigar lighter cable 4.0m



*Micro-SD cards not included

Kenwood CA-DR100 Hardwired Fitting Kit for DRV-830 Dash Cam Option

The CA-DR100 hardwired fitting kit is compatible with Kenwood’s DRV-830. When using this kit an additional feature is activated - Parking surveillance mode. This mode allows the dash cam to continue to monitor for bumps and activity around the vehicle during your absence - either while shopping or parked up over-night.


     -   Parking surveillance mode