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MP3 Playback with ID3 Tag Display

MP3 is a new audio format that lets you store 10 CD's worth of music on a single disc(1).
Using MP3 encoder software on your PC, you can convert CD tracks into MP3 files about 1/10
the size of the original CD audio data*. This means you can fit music from 10 CDs into a single
CD-R/RW disc for nonstop entertainment from about 100 tracks(2). And with Kenwood's Car
CD-Receiver, you can play your original CDs when you're driving(3).

Another advantage of MP3 is that you can download MP3 format music files from a growing number
of websites on the Internet for even more audio enjoyment.

(1) Assuming approx. 5 minutes per track, converted to MP3 at standard bit rate of 128 kbps,
     compare recorded on 650 MB capacity CD-R/RW disc.
(2) Other than for personal listening enjoyment, the duplication or recording of copyrighted
     material onto sidc or tape is strictly prohibited.
(3) To make MP3 files that can be played on your Kenwood CD-receiver,it is necessary for the
      recording format to be set to ISO9660 level 1 or level 2 in the file-writing application software.

* Bitrate/128Kdps, sampling freq.44.1kHz; 5 minutes/one tune