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Navigation Upgrade

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  • Traffic Message Channel Built-in
  • ecoRoute™
  • Lane assist with photo real junction view
  • Multi-route choice







Key Features

Upgrades your Volkswagen Multimedia System to Include Navigation
Touch Panel Operation
European Map Coverage
Voice Guidance with Road Name (example: "Turn right on Regent Street")
Seven Digit Postcode Entry
House Number Entry
PhotoReal Junction View & Lane Assist
3D Landmarks and Buildings
Major Road Speed Limit Display
Built-in TMC (Traffic Information) Requires Activation
Destination Arrival ETA Display















Does it Fit my Vehicle?

Volkswagen Golf (MK7)(Type 5G) Year 2012 >
Volkswagen Golf SV Year 2012 >
Volkswagen Passat (Type B8) Year 2015 >
Volkswagen Polo (MK6) (Type 6C)        Year 2014 >
Volkswagen Touran Year 2016 >









How to Activate TMC

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